Open-source NoMAD App Frees the Apple World from Active Directory Binding


Dec. 21, 2016 — Austin, Texas. Companies who use Apple products now have added functionality and flexibility thanks to Trusource Labs in Austin.

NoMAD, a macOS app developed by Joel Rennich and supported by Trusource Labs’ Apple Help Desk Team, allows companies the functionality of Active Directory (AD), including:

  • Getting Kerberos credentials from AD to use for single sign on for all services using Windows Authentication.
  • Automatically renewing your Kerberos tickets based on your desires.
  • A lock screen menu item.
  • Getting an X509 identity from your Windows CA.
  • One-click access to Casper and other self-service applications if installed.
  • One-click access to creating a Bomgar chat session with a help desk operative, and other support options.
  • Allowing Admins to push one-line CLI commands that show up as a menu item in NoMAD.
  • Allowing Admins to specify LDAP servers to use instead of looking them up via SRV records.
  • Syncing your AD password to your local account, including keeping the user’s local keychain and FileVault passwords in sync.
  • Warning Users about impending password expirations.
  • Single sign on access to the user’s Windows home directory.
  • Fully AD site aware.
  • Scripts that can be triggered on network change and sign in.
  • Enabling Admins to specify alternate methods of changing passwords without using AD such as through password change portals.
  • Better yet, the app is open-source and can be downloaded at

“The best fit for NoMAD are really companies that have employees on the go and want all the security benefits of AD without the negatives,” Rennich, General Manager of Sales and Apple Help Desk Development, at Trusource Labs said.

While the App is free and is ready to be used in most Apple-user environments, some companies might want custom configuration for their unique IT environments. Rennich says Trusource Labs is able to meet those needs through further development of the App’s code.

Trusource Labs also offers support for NoMAD at varying levels depending on a company’s need. “We have some clients who just want written support, so they can work with the product themselves. Others are looking for more robust support, and we can provide for all types of organizations,” Rennich said.

“We have been testing the app for a while in the Apple community and have received great feedback on how to adjust and update the App to make it beneficial to most Apple users, but we are always open to continual improvements,” Rennich said. “It’s in the DNA of Trusource Labs to continually make our products and service better through high-level customer engagement.”

For further information on NoMAD or NoMAD support, please contact Trusource Labs at

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