Austin-based Technical Support Services Company Trusource Labs to Establish International Operations Center in Ireland

Smart, proactive, adaptive technical support is a growing service need as the field of personal connected devices and smart home technologies expands across the world, a long-time customer experience expert in Austin says.

“Our company, Trusource Labs, has grown from one Internet of Things client in 2013 to 16 very unique technology-based companies in 2016. All of our customers want to make the technology support experience effortless for customers, while giving feedback for product improvement. Opening a second office in Limerick, Ireland, allows us to grow simultaneously with our current clients and introduce our innovative technical support model to the European Union,” Trusource Labs Co-Founder Alton Martin said.

Over the next three years, Trusource Labs will create 134 new technical service jobs in Limerick to meet the incremental growth needs of Trusource Labs’ clients. Their expansion is supported by the Development of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation through IDA Ireland.

IDA’s CEO Martin Shanahan said: “This investment by Trusource Labs is great news. Delivering 134 jobs in three years will make a strong regional impact in Limerick and will be a valuable reference case for IDA in attracting similar high growth technology companies to the region. I wish them every success here.”

Trusource Labs delivers innovative solutions for connected devices and business critical software solutions by providing a seamless technology support experience that strengthens customer relationships. Services focus on minimizing the need for customers to phone for technical support, including working with companies and their engineers when products are at beta stage and focusing on ways to enhance the customer’s experience from purchase, installation and activation of the product or service. The company develops online content and provides omni-channel support with phone, email, social, chat and video in multiple languages.

“Trusource Labs and Limerick are about to start a mutually beneficial partnership. This and recent jobs partnerships like it make me very happy and proud,” Ireland’s Minister for Finance Michael Noonan said. “I welcome Trusource Labs to Limerick, and I am sure the company will be supported as strongly by Limerick and its people as Trusource Labs supports its customers.”

About the company
Trusource Labs is a Technical Support Services company from Austin, Texas. Established in 2013, it is a fast growing, privately held company that specializes in offering support services for the Internet of Things and providing Help Desk Services to companies who use Apple devices. The company employs over 600 people in the U.S. and is a member of the Apple Consultants Network.

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