Apple Help Desk

Apple® Help Desk

At Trusource Labs, we know that Apple® products innovate the Enterprise space. We operate exclusively on Macs, so it makes perfect sense for us to manage Apple® products for our customers’ employees. We use advanced custom solutions that focus on creating vibrant user communities, while working with your existing IT staff to ensure seamless coverage and an amazing experience. 

In order to best understand your team, culture, and services we can perform readiness consulting services prior to the start of our support contracts.

We’re not your traditional help desk. We’ll make your Mac experience better.

Self Service and Live Support

In addition to the phone and chat support that you expect, we also offer a variety of self-service and predictive solutions that empower your users to get what they need in an efficient and friendly manner. 

Support Library

We’re putting support at your fingertips with an extensive library of support articles, video and other self-help materials that cover everything from initial set up support through Apple® Pro App tips and tricks.

Community Managers

By encouraging your users to help eachother through social and open forums, our trained technical support personnel curate and advocate within your Apple community. 


NoMAD Support

NoMAD allows all the functionality you would want from a Mac bound to Active Directory, without actually having to bind to AD. Our expert support staff can help you stay connected. Click here to learn more.

Monthly Managed Services

  • 24×7 US-based chat and phone support
  • Internal social media monitoring and support
  • Custom knowledge base articles
  • Comprehensive self-help videos
  • On-site knowledge bar
  • Custom-built tools
  • Warranty facilitation
  • Jamf Pro administration for software and inventory management
  • NoMAD support

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